Hockey pool

I'm loosing my work hockey pool.  Alright, I'm not in dead last place but out of seven players I'm sixth.  What's worse is that I've been there since the start of the pool and there seems to be no sign that I'm going to be able to move up.  At first I was talking big, sure that I was going to win the whole thing, but now I'd be happy with a top half finish.  Every morning I login just to check to see if I was able to make up some ground and get a step closer to the fifth place player.

None of my trades has paid off, I just keep slipping further away from the pack.  Why can't I win?  Why on a night where everyone else gets 50+ points do I get only 9?  If there is a Santa Claus he'll right this wrong and give me a big night of points, goals and other things that'll sort out this cosmic injustice.