So they changed the lock on the front door for the store.  Since it's a mall location it's a front sliding door that slides closed and then locks from the outside.  Well they changed it at some point this week without bothering to let me know or give me a key.  So when I go to lock up after my shift which ends at 11 pm, I find that I can not in fact lock the door to the store.

So following that came a frantic call around as I tried to find someone who was still up who could be convinced to come back to the store and lock up for me, while I sit here in an empty mall and wait for them to return.  So on top of this being a ridiculously late 11 pm shift, it's now even stupider because nobody's going to be here until at least midnight, and when you add my hour of commuting onto that I'll be home around one in the morning.

At which point, according to my brother, I'll be looking at a load of laundry dumped on the floor of my room because he wasn't going to let me leave it in the dryer so I could take it out without getting it all wrinkled, but instead was just going to throw it in a pile so that he could use the dryer, which he could have used had he not taken my laundry out of the dryer while it was still wet and not told me, so that I had to put them in just as I was leaving for work.

Morals of the stories?  Being trapped in a mall at midnight isn't as awesome as Jennifer Connelly makes it seem in Career Opportunities and I really need my own place.

*Update:  I made it home at 12:48 a.m. by walking speedily through the pouring rain.

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