A day of hockey in Vancouver

Metroblogging Vancouver's Best of Vancouver poll recieved an entry (in which you can still vote here) that said that sports where for the unwashed masses I'm still going ahead and making a hockey post. I might be unwashed but with all the rain I had to walk through on my way to the Skytrain at least the outer layer of dirt has washed off.

The first bit of hockey news is that Todd Bertuzzi is now on Canada's Mens Olympic Hockey Team. He'd been at the training camps for the team before the NHL season kicked off, as the included photo shows him in Kelowna practicing with Steve Yzerman.

After an uneasy start to the season Bertuzzi has returned to the forum that makes on of the keys to Vancouver's success. Acceptance onto Team Canada is the final step in his redemption from the Steve Moore incident.

Ed Jovanovski is in the defence corps, and the only other Canuck on Team Canada, despite the fact that Morrison skated with Team Canada during the summer training camp.

Meanwhile the Canucks dropped another game last night, loosing a fast paced high scoring affair to the Oilers. If a 7 - 6 loss doesn't demonstrate the need for an actual starting goaltender, then I'm not quite sure what will. At least when Markkanen started to collapse like a house of cards the Oilers were able to put in Conklin.

Meanwhile Canucks.com's game recap has perhaps the most insane lede paragraph in the history of sports journalism.

Like unicorns, the yeti, and the tooth fairy, defense proved little more than a myth Wednesday night in Vancouver.

I know it's tough to go through an 80+ game season and keep game recaps interesting but lay off the LSD okay.

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