No logging in on comments

I had mentioned earlier about the possibility of making commenters have to sign in in order to actually post comments, in order to fight comment spam.  However after reading Chris Sullivan's last post and wanting to leave a comment I was asked to sign in to MSN in order to comment and despite already having a MSN account I couldn't be bothered.  So rather than making it harder to comment on this site I'm just going to be more diligent deleting spam comments.

Meanwhile Chris if you're reading this try using shorter paragraphs, it's a lot easier to read on the screen.  Also I'm happy you're blogging but an MSN site?  That's the web equivalent of posting pictures of yourself clubbing baby seals and grinning at the camera as the mallet smashes their fuzzy little heads. 

A Blogger account is easy, free and way less... Bill Gates-y.  Check out some of the sites like this one I randomly stumbled on to see how much prettier they can be and combined with a Flickr account you're golden.