Matthew Good live at the Commodore November 4th, 2005: Someday this place is going to burn, is your whole life in the waiting?

I've seen Matthew Good in concert a lot, especially for someone who hasn't lived in the Lower Mainland for very long.  The first summer after high school Graham Taylor and I drove to Edmonton to see him, along with Sloan, the Foo Fighters, Green Day, The Tea Party and Econoline Crush, at EdgeFest.  At that point I didn't have any Matthew Good records but was totally digging "Everything Is Automatic" which was getting some Much Music rotation as was his new single "Aparitions".  Largely I was going to Sloan and to do something with Graham for a few days outside of Kelowna and the movie theatre we both worked at that summer.

Matthew Good was playing hurt, having injuried his leg (I think it was his leg) early on the tour, and I got kicked in the head for standing too close to the mosh pit, but of all the acts that day it was MGB that most impressed and only an incredible performance from Green Day kept their short set on the B-Stage from being the set of the day.  The next day at HMV I bought Underdogs, with Lo-Fi B-Sides as a bonus, and loved it.  It was by far my favorite record that year, and I picked up Last of the Ghetto Astronauts the next week.

Since then I've seen Good a few times in Kamloops, Vernon, Penticton, Kelowna at a special New Year's show, Whistler and now twice at the Commodore.  I've seen him with the Matthew Good Band and now twice solo.  I've interviewed Rich and Ian from his band back in the Beautiful Midnight days, and Matt following the release of his first solo disc Avalanche and his new best of In A Coma.

Recently Matthew Good's been talking about the best of disc as marking the end of a chapter of his career.  He's talked about not wanting to do the "Hello Timebomb" era songs as much in concert, and now whatever he does it's not likely we'll see many shows that draw so heavily from his back catalouge.

So if his In A Coma tour and two night stand at the Commodore was a last hurrah for his Matthew Good Band material what a hurrah it was.  This was by far the best show I've seen of his, and he drew from a wide range of material though oddly Last of the Ghetto Astronauts was relativly unrepresented.

Standouts include "Suburbia", which is my favorite Matthew Good Band song, was awesome (surprisingly considering how old it is that was the first time I'd heard it), "Alert Status Red" and "Advertising on Police Cars" which has never been my favorite song but live really came alive.

He ended the show with an acoustic set, exactly opposite from what he did in Vernon a few nights before Chad informs me, and after an hour of blow the doors off the venue rock and roll it was a wonderful way to end the show and perhaps and era.  I was going to recomend anyone who gets a chance to go to see his Saturday show but being busy I wasn't able to blog this all before hand, so c'est la vie.  But if you do get a chance to catch a show on this tour, do so.

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