Between the opening act and the main attraction I created the internet

Waiting at rock concerts is never fun, less so at a place like the Commodore where there is such limited seating. No matter how good the opening act is, after waiting an hour and fifteen minutes for them to start you're not really in the mood to hear new music.

By the time they're done and you spend another half an hour waiting around eavesdropping on a guy talking about how he "totally didn't know the internet would be invented" you're ready to riot. Or at least sit down.

Luckily while writting this I found the lot of us an empty table. And I totally knew the internet would be invented, I mean that one episode of Sea Quest like totally called it, except their 'net had more cheesy 3D graphics and virtual reality bullshit.

Matthew Good's on now. If only my torso was 8 feet in height, then I'd be able to see the stage.

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