Tired of the old shit, ready for the new shit: or I complain for a few hundred words about my easy job

Hosbig I am officially sick of my job.  The transfer to a new store and a new location helped me gain a certain amount of enjoyment out of working again, but after a few months things have settled down into a pattern and I'm getting sick of it.   The job itself isn't bad, I mean the pay is okay and it's not like I'm working at a janitor or doing manual labour that I hate, it's just... well I don't know.

I stopped blogging for a bit at the end of last month because I found that I had nothing interesting to say because of eight hours a day I was just so focused on hitting some randomly generated sales target by the end of October, and it wasn't just an abstract target, if I hit it I would have made at least $1,000 more than I did in take home pay.  I didn't hit the target for the first month since moving to this store, but it was close (a few hundred dollars worth of sales) and the whole last week of trying to reach for that target was incredibly frustrating.  Hence the only thing I could think to blog about was terrible sales at the cellular store, which really isn't that interesting after a few posts.

The main problem is that this cycle of being totally stressed out about hitting sales quotas starts again the first of every month, and doesn't let up until I've hit them and then only for a few days until the next month starts.  Today is my first day in November back at work and I'm already trying to do the math to figure out how much I'm going to need to sell per day to hit $10,000 and 45 activations by the end of the month.  And while November is typically a better month for sales than October, because of the upcoming holiday season, it is also a month where reps don't make as much per sale because of deep discounts to drive Christmas traffic. 

See already I'm getting myself stressed out and it's only the third of November.

This all wouldn't be such a big deal if I a) wasn't trying to save up for the first payment on an apartment in a few months and b) I didn't have the sneaking suspicion that the regional sales manager wanted to give me the heave ho if he had a reason to.  He's tried to get my brother Neal moved to the slowest store in the chain a number of times, or fired, and though Neal has a way of making a small conflict into something epic I do know neither of us are his favorite employees.  Back when I was the manager in the Kelowna store Gabe would always tell me that the regional manager would say things about how poor my sales were and how something would have to be done about me.  This despite the fact that my sales at that location were always the highest or second highest of any senior sales rep in the company.

So the level of financial stress coupled with the fact that I'm not a big lover of the job in the first place, means that I'm really starting to get a bit annoyed at it all. 

Enough complaining for now. Just thought I'd get a few things off my mind.

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