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Today I've finished up an article for eVent! that should win me no friends and a ton of enemies.  Those readers in Kelowna should take a look at it when it hits the streets.  In it I manage to insult a) voters, b) non-voters, c) politicians and d) student politicians.  I might even insult veterans, though I don't mean to but who knows what people can read into things.

Meanwhile over at Vancouver's Metroblogging site I take on both 50 Cent and Toronto Member of Parliment Dan "Wet Dreams" McTeague in a post about McTeague's attempt to get 50 Cent's new tour banned from Canada.

And if you're looking for some underwater action then check out this video of a gian octopus eating a shark.  It appeared on a few months ago, but now it's on Google it's getting another round of play.

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