I'm Metroblogging baby

120x600 As part of my search for paying work in the field of typing things into a computer, I have taken another non-paying gig that of an author at the newly launched Vancouver Metroblogging site.  Essentially I do what I do here, but talk less about myself and more about myself in Vancouver.

It's a really exciting oppertunity, since it's sure to give me the brand expose that will make me into the freelance journalist equivalent of Nike, Apple or Al Jazeera.  Soon whole mountains will quake under my fame.

Or not.

Either way if you enjoy what I'm doing here, check out the site.  Also feel free to check out their other city sites.  Wil Wheaton, whom I love in a man crush way, blogs on the L.A. site.  If you're a Vancouver blogger feel free to sign up for the site.  We always need more authors, right now we're a little light, and if you can post a few times a week you're more than welcome to sign up here.

So far the site has been secretly running for about two days, something I alluded to in a previous post but did not come out and say since the plan was to have about fifteen to twenty posts on the site before we went public with it.  Chad however figured it out and popped by, which was cool.  His comment at the time was that we needed more posts, which is a problem that should be solved now.

The site will focus on life in Vancouver from the eyes of different authors.  Right now we've got five and we're aiming for at least ten if not more.  So far we've got a few resturant reviews, including a suggestion of where to buy a drink of screech in Vancouver (something I'm dying to do now), and me talking about how fucking foggy it's been these past few days.  I also plan on mentioning the Canucks, hopefully using the site to blog about a few of the games I've got tickets to this season. 

So that's that.  I'm Metroblogging in Vancouver.  Please check out the site if you get the chance.  It's not going to replace this one as my first and one true blog love, but I have a feeling a ton more people will read it than ever come by this site.  But don't worry I'll save my A-material for this site.

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