The Hour hits Vancouver

Note:  this is a cross post with another website,which I can't talk about for a few more days.

Once again the CBC's Hour is being filmed in Vancouver for two nights this month.  The news, chat, features, thing with George Stroumboulopoulos is being taped before a live audiance at the CBC Plaza on Tuesday November 29th and Wednesday November 30th at 4 p.m.  You can get tickets here by sending in an email.

I don't watch the Hour as much as I used to when it first hit the air but I've sent in my request for tickets because I think it would be cool to see it filmed. 

If you've never seen the show it's basically a weird sort of informal news cast where former Much Music VJ Stroumboulopoulos sits on a couch and runs through the news in a really personal way.

It can be a bit too... well it does like explaining the background to all of its stories to make them more accessible to those who might not have read a newspaper or say ever attended school.  At a certain point you do want to yell at your television, "Alright already you don't have to do a 90 second background piece on how Hitler was a bad man set to a mediocre rock rift, just so you can talk about the Holocaust."

So yeah it's like the real news with training wheels on.  However I'm still checking out a tapping if I can get a ticket.