Photo day

CprstationFor the past few weeks I've intended to go out on a photo hunt to gather some pictures of the area around where I live for various purposes.  First off to indulge my love of taking pictures of tall buildings, and second because the Metroblogging Vancouver Flickr site needs to be filled up with shots of the city.

Nathan came over a bit after one and we watched a saved episode of the Daily Show from last night and then hit the road.  Nathan took his Mini Disc recording equipment and I brought my Canon and we set out to explore the city.

After awhile we stopped by the comic book store so I could pick up my this week's comics, including House of M #8 and Powers both by Brian Michael Bendis.  I also got the final issue of the disapointing storyline in the Spider-man version of the House of M series. 

Sadly tomorrow is a return to work, though luckily on Friday I get to rock out to the Matthew Good show at the Commodore.  It'll be more exciting than a commercial for an all new episode of Law and Order.