Name my new blog

After much consideration and about ten minutes of sub-par work in Photoshop I created a new blog that is, for now, called Bags and Boards.  Like I mentioned earlier it's a blog about comic books or will be when I start actually blogging about comic books over there.  It will be me at my most renlentlessly dorky and if you want to continue to think of me as the swinging sex symbol and all around totally macho dude who you read about here, then I'd advise not checking it out because boy do I plan on geeking out.

This of course will remain my main blog, and any comic entry that fits both here and there will be mirrored on both sites.  I'm planning on starting up mainly with comic reviews along with essays on comic book issues.  Which will be like school, but with a greater degree of awesomeicity.

Unlike this blog where I encourage participation only through comments or trackbacks I'm open to accepting guests to come and write about comics on the blog.  But more on that later, once I get it going with my own stuff a bit more regularly.  What I would love though right now would be a name for the blog.  As I mentioned it's currently called Bags and Boards but I would love some other suggestions for the title of the blog before I go and register a domain name.