Comic book day

Hom8Yesterday was comic book day, not the yearly day that comic book companies give away free samples of some of their comics, but rather the day of the week that new comic books arrive on the shelves.  Since moving I've ritualized comic book day, and I enjoy it a great deal.

I had done so back in Kelowna when I'd drive to Vernon, buy my comics and then stop at Earl's and drive home.  These days every Wednesday, which happily is typically one of my two days off during the week, I walk up Robson to Golden Age comics on Granville where I buy my weekly stack of reads and then begin the walk back.  At first on my way home I'd stop at the Red Robin, but the one on Robson was disapointing the first few times I tried it so I switched and now I go to Milestones. 

Depending on how many monthly titles are in that week and whether I pick up a few trades I can generally read most if not all of the books while taking a long, generally an hour and a half to two hour, dinner.  Then I walk home and if I still have books to read I'll have a bath and finish them off.

One thing I'd like to do is write a bit more about comics on the blog, though I am wondering whether I should start a seperate site for that.  Maybe a comic-centric blog should be in the works.  Hmmm... I've got Rememberance Day off, perhaps a new web project to occupy my day if none of my pals are free.

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