Got my hands on the video iPod


A while ago I talked about the new video iPod and finally today I got mine in the mail.  I downloaded a few music videos from the iTunes music store including "Do The Evolution" by Pearl Jam (directed by comic book artist Todd McFarlane).  It's by far my favorite video of all time, though sadly McFarlane followed it up by making crappy Korn videos.  I also picked up a few U2 tracks and "Weapon" by Matthew Good

Right now I'm using a program called Handbrake to transfer a few DVDs to iTunes and then, hopefully, onto the iPod.  It's a long process to rip DVDs into the proper formatt for iTunes.  It's about 1:1 speed so an hour and a half movie takes about an hour and a half.  It's also still not as easy as it should be and the fact that you have to use a third party application rather than an Apple app is going to keep people from adopting the iPod as a video viewer in a big way.

The screen is actually not as bad of a size as I was expecting.  It's a bit hard to imagine the dimensions based on the older iPods, but the screen is definitly fine for watching short shows on.  I could see watching up to about an hour on it, but I doubt I'd really wanting to watch a full movie on it.  If I tried I'd assume I'd get some nasty eyestrain.

Speaking of which I'd best be off.  I'm hoping to catch a film after I get my comics today and I'm a bit behind schedual.  Take care of yourselves.