Matthew Good interview / Podcast

Mgposter So what was the big news that I've been teasing you with like a stripper in a hands off Las Vegas joint?  Well yesterday I interviewed Matthew Good for eVent! magazine in the Okanagan and am putting the complete audio of the interview online for your enjoyment as a podcast and streaming from the site here.

Because the sound I was recording on my iMac was sounding terribly shitty today there's no spoken intro to the interview, it just kicks right into the main feature after the theme music.  I would like to point out that I realize the wording on my question about Iraq is probably the most round-about way of asking something in the history of man and yes I do sound like an idiot there.

I'm also a bit sad that I didn't remember to ask about things like his views on Arsenal's somewhat terrible season in the Premiership this year, and Thierry Henry's breaking of Ian Wright's goal scoring record for the Gunners the other day, but I pulled the eject lever too soon.

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MP3 File