Day off #1: why can't Seth be happy?

Today was my first of two days off of work and so far I've wasted it gloriously. I've only left the house for a quick trip to the nearby Safeway for a week worth of food. The rest of the day I've spent in front of the television watching the O.C. except for brief breaks to wash my sheets and plug in my old video camera for charging.

I'm selling the camera this week to my mother's friends Julie and Craig who just had a baby and thus would like to video tape the baby for future blackmail purposes. Any sale of a video camera requires time spent in front of the computer as I copy all of the video files to my iMac so I don't lose anything. I'll then erase the tapes and sell the whole bundle.

Currently I'm watching scenes from a movie that Nathan, Jeff and I were working on. We really didn't have any plot or ideas but so far we've got a car chase and some stuff of Nathan dancing and walking around his house.

Also a great deal of extreme filter usage. Next camera I get will have no filters, and if it does I'm going to break them somehow and do any sort of special effects in iMovie as opposed to in camera.

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