Moving with iPhoto and other things


Today I realized that one of the drawbacks of the the two Mac setup that I've got going is that I've been syncing my iPod with my desktop iMac and my digital cameras with my Powerbook. This works for keeping the memory eating file types of music and photos separated but it's not so hot in that my iPod syncs with iPhoto for the pictures on so photos from the last few months have not been loaded on.

One of the many chores I have to do on my day off tomorrow is to load my iPhoto library from the Powerbook onto the iMac. The others consist of organizing my comics, cleaning my room, laundry, shopping for food and then going out and buying more comics.

I watched more O.C. after work today, and then had to put on an iPod photo slideshow for Neal and MC because Neal wanted to look at pictures of himself on the big screen. Now the three of us are watching Batman Begins which came out on DVD today.

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