Birthday dinner

Since I thought I was going to be busy with my semi-adult-party on Sunday, which has been pushed back to next week, I arranged for tonight to be the night that I went out with my parents and brother for my birthday dinner.  However like on most days I that I spend eight hours at work I really only feel like going home and sleeping or at least decompressing.  Instead I'm going to to be going home, dressing up and heading out for a dinner at a place like the Keg.


Today and yesterday the slow period at the store seems to be lifting.  I've had one of my better days, in both activations and dollars, since transfering to this location today and tomorrow since there's only two of us working sales as opposed to the usual three it should be another decent day.  I'm still a bit behind the ball when it comes to where I was last month and where I'd like to be at the end of the month, but if it keeps going as it has the last two days then it should be okay.

Once again give me some feedback on the changed design, keeping in mind that I will be screwing around with it a bit and changing the top banner.