Looming poverty and other bits of hyperbole

The store has slowed down significantly this month, which means my paycheck isn't going to be that good. If these keeps up I could easily make a grand less than I have been since changing stores.

Which despite the semi-hysterical title isn't going to put me in the poor house but when I'm trying to save up enough money for the down payment on an apartment in a few months.

Mirco, one of the other salesmen at the store, made a joke about us having to live off Kraft Dinner next month but considering that eating at the food court is my major daily expense it seems like a good way to cut down on costs.

Perhaps not KD but even I can probably learn how to make sandwhiches.

The good thing is by the time I feel the financial dip it'll be December which is generally a huge month and should at least have a good paycheck to look forward too.

2 days until I'm 27. Shit.

Jeffery Simpson1 Comment