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The greatest goal ever

It's been a bad year for Arsenal this season, and so I turn to the past and hide myself away in nostalgia.  This Dennis Bergkamp goal against Newcastle United is one of the reasons I love Arsenal, and one of the reasons that Bergkamp remains my favorite Gunner.

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It's Euro 2008 today

Euro 2008 Final Arsenal Kits

While I'm at work Euro 2008 is going to be winding up as the final is played between Germany and Spain at 11 am Pacific Standard Time today.  It's German versus Spain, and hopefully it'll be a fine ending to a fine tournament.  A tournament that for the most part I did not get to see, because it was held largely during the afternoon when I'm working.

Ah well, I'll try to catch updates online if it's not busy.  For my blog posts on the Euros check out my football (soccer) blog The Vancouver Gunner [av].  Likely it'll be another slow Sunday, what with the weather being so very beautiful.  It's like Okanagan level hot outside even this early in the morning, so I hope the air-conditioning holds out all day otherwise I'm going to be drowning in my own sweat. 

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The new blog // The Vancouver Gunner

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I mentioned a few days ago that I was working on a new blog, and finally it's up and running and I'm able to announce what's going on.  I've started a blog about the English football team Arsenal, and the blog is called The Vancouver Gunner [tvg] and can be found at as of today.  There is already a few posts up so feel free to go and take a look.

Now if you're not really interested in football I would suggest that this site might not be your cup of tea.  Granted I'm going to make it entertaining, and I'm going to try to tie it into life in Vancouver but at the end of the day it is about a sports team on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Design-wise I'm quite happy with it.  It's sort of like the evil twin of, going for black with white text which is the goatee of mirror universe blogs.  The one thing I'm going to have to get used to is not having much in the way of my own photographs to use with posts, since after awhile the dozen or so pictures I took at the  Emirates Stadium would get old.

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Wenger interview from the Guardian's website
There's a really good interview with Arsene Wenger on The Guardian's website right now [fg]. Wenger's the brilliant manager of Arsenal, and probably one of the best working in football right now, if not the best. He's recently signed a new contract at the club, and with a somewhat unsavory Soviet Block Billionaire poking around and gobbling up shares in the club, he seems to be speaking for a lot of people who are worried for the fate of the English game.

Key quote:
Yes, and it's one of the things I'm most proud of. Arsenal has a tradition that I like to respect, but Arsenal also has moral qualities for which I feel responsible and which I defend in my team. Everyone has their values that they pass down to the generations that follow. That's why, when there was the Ashley Cole affair, I wanted someone at Chelsea to explain what their values were. I understand completely that they wanted to nick a player because he is one of the best. But what are their values?

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Beckham´s last night in town

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Arsenal were not home in London when we where there, the English football season ending a few weeks before the Spanish, their last game was in Portsmouth the Sunday before we left for Paris so since it was sold out I did not make the trip south to see them play. Disapointed I had pretty much given up all hope for seeing a European football match while I was here, but things fell into place yesterday.

Real Madrid were at home to Deportivo and on the off chance there were still tickets for the game, the last home game of Madrid´s season, Lydia and I went to the stadium in the early afternoon to have a look around. There were tickets and after about thirty minutes in line we had spent €50 each on tickets to see Beckham´s last game in Madrid.

At the end of the season the former England captain is off to the LA Galaxy, and though I´ll be seeing him when he swings through Vancouver when the Whitecaps play the Galaxy in a friendly match, it was nice to see him playing at the highest level. Also, if you ever do get a chance to see a game in Spain take it. Though I´m not nearly as big of a Real Madrid fan as I am an Arsenal supporter, it was incredible. Canucks home games have nothing on it, especially given the stadium holds nearly 100,000 people.

Today we went to an out door market that was jammed with people, and then the Prado museum which was also jammed with people but not as many. Now we´re both doing a bit of blogging before tapas.

* Note, it turns out that Beckham has one more home game before leaving Real Madrid, though it´s not for sure he will play it seems instead that we saw his second last night in town.

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The Whitecaps and packing

My second Whitecaps game of my season tickets was tonight, and since I'm going to be missing two games while in Europe I was anxious to go.  The tough part was that the game started at seven, which was the exact same time my shift at work ended.  Leo had given his shift to Louisa who always has to leave by 4:20 on Saturdays for church so there was only me to close.  I hurried and made it out right at seven, but had to back track a bit to get Lydia who was at a friend's house.

We arrived at Swangard Stadium, which is in Burnaby, about three or four minutes into the second half and went right to our seats.  The stadium was packed, which was quite the change from last week where because of the Canucks' playoff game it was mostly empty.  Though I do think it was children's night or something, because there was an awfully large amount of children.

The game ended in a 2-2 draw, and now I'm blogging about it.  Which tells you how badly I must be trying to procrastinate if I'm blogging about a tie game.  I'm supposed to pack now for San Fransisco but I'm just stalling.  I've got to be at my parents' apartment by 5:30 am tomorrow so we can share a ride to the airport, so clearly I should already be in bed.

Oh I'm going to be tuckered tomorrow.

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