Transparent & Accountable

I believe in an accountable and transparent city government. I will work to re-instate Question Period for all regular White Rock City Council meetings. I will also push to bring greater transparency, to keep the citizens informed. There have been great advances in technology and social media that allow other cities to be more open and accountable and I will work with the rest of council to bring similar tools to White Rock, or in some cases resuming using the tools that the city has already invested in. I will be talking more about this closer to the election.

Closed meetings should be rare for White Rock City Council and only in specific circumstances when required by law. I will also push to establish a minimum of two Town Hall Meetings a year where White Rock citizens and business owners are able to come and ask council questions directly.

I also will continue to be reachable via social media where I have a public Twitter account and a newly launched Facebook page where I can be reached and will respond. I know that not everyone is going to agree with every vote I cast, but you to feel like you can share your views with me and understand why I cast that vote.


White Rock is a beautiful city. With a gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean we are privileged to be surrounded by natural beauty. As a member of City Council I will work towards preserving that natural beauty. This means a considered and cautious approach to future development and ensuring that we do our utmost to preserve our natural assets including the city's tree population. 

I will also look to encourage transit usage, sensible commuting strategies for those who like me travel from White Rock into Vancouver for work and working to make our roads better for cyclists and pedestrians. Supporting the expansion of Translink's routes into and out of White Rock as well as new services is a priority for me.

To further reduce waste and make White Rock a more environmentally conscious city, I am calling for a ban on single use plastic bags similar to what the city of Victoria has put in place.

As part of my commitment to the environment I am running a Zero Waste campaign, and will not distribute campaign handouts, door knockers or plaster White Rock in flyers which will only end up as trash on our streets or in a landfill. Other candidates may talk about being a green choice, but I'd rather lose a few votes than create needless waste.

A Council for White Rock

I believe that White Rock's City Council should above all else serve the people who live and work in White Rock. That means all decisions should be viewed through the lens of how they will affect those of us who make our homes here and who earn our livings here. What's best for us, and for our children and future generations of citizens of this city? 

Future development should be approved only if it's clear that it benefits the citizens of the city. Like many of you I live in a relatively recent development, but I came to White Rock because I want to raise my family outside of the big city. Even as it grows I want to maintain White Rock's small town appeal, and ensure that everyone has access to parks, good schools, and community resources which will have to grow alongside the city.



Safe & Clean Water


Other Policies

My concern over the quality of White Rock's drinking water was what first drew my attention to the actions of City Council. If elected I will work to ensure that the city's current plan for dealing with the water will provide the safest water for our families as well as being the most cost effective solution. Depending on the level of the City's financial investment by the time the new Council takes office, contingent on financial viability, I would support an independent study of the city's current plan. If another option, such as connecting White Rock's water supply to that of the Greater Vancouver Regional District, will provide better outcomes then I will push for that option.

I am not an expert on water. I am not a scientist, but then you and I shouldn't have to be. We should be able to trust that the water the city provides us, that flows from our taps, is safe. I promise to work towards that, and do so in an accountable, fiscally responsible and transparent way. 

Providing safe drinking water is one of the fundamental roles of a city's government.



The following are other policy proposals that I would bring to City Council. Unlike transparent government and ensuring the city provides safe drinking water there are proposals that I'm willing to work with other councillors on, solicit feedback from the public and adapt to best fit White Rock.

  • Allowing Dogs Along The White Rock Promenade During the Off-Season: For many in White Rock dogs are an important part of our families. In our family we try to take our dog Max on family outings and often like walking along the waterfront. However currently this is not allowed as dogs are prohibited on the White Rock Promenade and the pier. This means we often end up in Surrey where we walk along Crescent Beach and later go for lunch or coffee. Allowing dogs along the Promenade would bring more citizens and visitors to enjoy the city's natural beauty and subsequently frequent the restaurants and shops along Marine Drive. As a trial to allow dogs onto the Promenade I propose that the City alters the relevant sections of Bylaw 1959 (which would need to be altered to allow dogs on the Promenade and pier) to allow dogs on the Promenade and pier between September 16th and May 14th. These dates mirror the rules in place at Crescent Beach and will provide another reason for people to walk the waterfront during the off-season.
  • More to come.