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On October 20th Vote Jeffery Simpson for White Rock City Council.

White Rock's independent candidates teaming up to protect the environment from plastic

White Rock's independent candidates teaming up to protect the environment from plastic


White Rock, BC – Mia Pederson, Jeffery Simpson and Ken Wuschke have agreed to help protect White Rock’s environment and Semiahmoo Bay from plastic waste by not having any plastic signs erected.

Earlier this year Simpson announced that he was running a Zero Waste campaign where he would not erect any signs during the election period. “I don’t want to create a bunch of trash that’s just going to end up cluttering a landfill the day after the election.”

In addition to environmental issues, Pederson is concerned about safety issues related to election signs. “Election signs contribute to distracted driving, and are not environmentally friendly,” Pederson said.

While Wuschke is focused on what he leaves behind for future generations. “Protecting the environment matters to me,” Wuschke said. “Every day I take steps to help protect it for our children and their children. By using plastic signs, it shows that many people are not thinking about tomorrow only today.”

“In this election there are 28 candidates running for White Rock City Council,” Wuschke pointed out. “If each candidate has 100 signs that will be 2800 signs going to the landfill on October 21st.”

Pederson, Wuschke and Simpson have stated if elected to White Rock City Council they would work towards banning plastic bags used in the retail industry in White Rock.

“I’m for banning plastic bags but we need community and business engagement,” Pederson said.

“To further reduce waste and make White Rock a more environmentally conscious city,” Simpson said “I am calling for a ban on single use plastic bags similar to what the City of Victoria has put in place.”

Wuschke is taking a slightly different approach by reaching out to the White Rock BIA first.

“While I agree with Mia and Jeffery to examine Victoria’s single-use plastic checkout bags bylaw, I have already had a brief exploratory conversation with the BIA’s staff by doing a voluntary approach for stores in White Rock,” Wuschke said. “Whether I’m elected or not to council in October, I will continue to advocate for a reduction in plastic bags.”

Wuschke noted, “In June 2018 Canada signed the G7’s Charlevoix Blueprint for Healthy Oceans, Seas and Resilient Coastal Communities. The goal is to have our nation reduce plastic use 75% by 2030. It’s time for White Rock to be showing initiative to reach this goal.”

Pederson, Simpson and Wuschke remain independent candidates for White Rock City Council. As their campaign platforms align on environmental issues they promise to work in a collaborative approach.

“When the election is over, positive co-operation is what’s going to move White Rock forward,” Simpson said.

“In the next municipal election,” Pederson concluded, “I would like to gather all candidates to pledge that they will not spend money on election signs, but instead will donate to a local charity.”

“Every person elected to city council has to work with the other councillors,” Wuschke said. “Mia, Jeffery and I are not waiting until October 20th to show how we can work together. We do not always agree on issues but we are listening to each other and the community.”

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