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On October 20th Vote Jeffery Simpson for White Rock City Council.

White Rock Election Day & Thank You

White Rock Election Day & Thank You


In a few hours it will be voting day in White Rock and we will head to the polls to decide who will lead our city council for the next four years. I was the first candidate in the election, throwing my hat in the ring in June.

At the onset, I knew that I had an uphill battle, as incumbents have a natural advantage and the ruling party on council had a formidable war chest already saved. Yet talking to my neighbours and other White Rock voters before announcing I felt that the city was ready for a change. I felt that White Rock was wanting to move past years of arguments and conflicts into a progressive, promising and co-operative future.

Early on I set a few goals for my campaign:

  • I would raise the issues important to me and those in White Rock whom I spoke with

  • I would listen to, and respect, all opinions on issues even when they didn’t agree with my own

  • I would respect and be kind fo all my fellow candidates

  • I would talk about how White Rock could protect the environment and run a zero waste campaign that didn’t pollute our earth with plastics that end up in our food supply, drinking water and oceans

I’m proud to say that I’ve accomplished all of these. By running and talking about the environment I helped encourage other candidates to also take up green positions. Because of my campaign members of the White Rock Business Community have gotten onboard with steps to reduce plastic usage in town, including a potential ban on single-use plastic bags.

If I don’t get on council, but we can significantly reduce plastic usage in White Rock, then I’ll feel like I’ve made a difference.

I’ve highlighted issues with how the city communicates and provided progressive, modern and forward-thinking methods to help address those issues and make citizens feel more connected to their government and city staff.

I am proud of the campaign that I’ve run and glad to have met such great people during the campaign. Even competing candidates have, overall, been amazing people to have met and campaigned against.

Thank you to everyone I’ve met. Everyone who has invited me into their homes, into their apartment buildings (and maybe even into their hearts?). Thank you to the people who’ve stopped to talk to me on the street, who I’ve handed recyclable business cards to. Thank you to the people who’ve debated my on Facebook and who’ve messaged me on Twitter.

Thank you to the people of White Rock for making this city one that’s worth fighting for, that’s worth living in and worth wanting to make better.

Thank you to everyone who votes in this election.

Please vote.

I’d prefer you vote for me, but voting is the important part. This city needs to know that you care, the next council needs to know that you’re paying attention. Vote now, and then in four years vote to hold whomever, you elect (even me!) accountable.

Us candidates have done our parts. We’ve presented our visions. Now it’s your turn. White Rock needs you.


Results & Final Thank You

Results & Final Thank You

The last day of the White Rock City Council Campaign

The last day of the White Rock City Council Campaign