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On October 20th Vote Jeffery Simpson for White Rock City Council.

Campaign Donors for Jeffery Simpson's Campaign for White Rock

Campaign Donors for Jeffery Simpson's Campaign for White Rock


Over the years we've heard too much about how corrosive big money can be on the democratic process. It's no secret that those with the biggest wallets get the most pull at any level of government. Right or left, political campaigns are expensive and politicians end up beholden to those that can help fund the campaigns.

In city politics candidates need to disclose their campaign donors after the election, meaning that voters don't get to see who the candidates will be feeling favourable to when governing. 

I believe that voters deserve to know who they're voting for, and who those candidates are backed by. Thus I'm becoming the first candidate to promise to disclose all donations made to my campaign within one week of receiving them. I'm using Fundly to help collect donations and will share the information I get here.

This is obviously competitive information that could help other campaigns who are competing with me. However I strongly feel that the public deserves this information from all candidates prior to voting. 

Below is a list of all donors and their contributions made thus far to my campaign and will be updated as new donations are received.

Donors to Jeffery Simpson for White Rock City Council's Campaign - Updated October 17th, 2018

  • Stephanie Bunn $5 - returned as she's a US citizen

  • Alex Delamaire $25

  • Anya Spethmann $35

  • Susan Simpson $1,000

  • Leigh Simpson $1,000

  • Kelly Breaks $35

  • Amber Currie $20

  • Heather Hildred $20

  • Neal Simpson $100



Updated campaign policies

Updated campaign policies

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