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Counting the hours until Iron Man


I'll admit that I'm a huge comic nerd, and so I tend to try to see all of the major comic book movies in the theatre as soon as possible.  I've even seen the terrible ones like Ghost Rider in the theatres, and apart from looking through my Uncle Greg's old comic books years ago, I've never read a Ghost Rider comic book.

So it's a no-brainer that with Iron Man opening today I'd be buzzing with excitment.  Along with the X-Men, Iron Man is one of my favorite characters and I think probably along with Spider-Man has one of the better origin stories of the Marvel characters.

I'm just counting down the hours, tickets in my pocket waiting for work to finish and the film to begin.  It'll be nerd-tacular.

The fact that it's happening the same week as Free Comic Book Day [mbv] is perfect.

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