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Flickr video

As you might have notice I've been playing around with Flickr's new video feature. Some people, such as Matthew Good [fkr], have been using it to do short form videos and screen casts. That's something I might do in the future, but for now with a few exceptions I'm more interested in using it to do video photos.

Limited to 90 seconds I'm finding it better to capture motion and sound on a subject that I'd normally take a photo of. For example Winger above. The Vancouver Whitecaps mascot would make a good photo, but a very short video of him trying to rally the crowd behind the home team captures it a bit better. Similarly the video of the steaming noodles two entries below [jks] makes for a much more interesting video, as the bonito evaporates, than it does a still shot. That's not to say some short videos won't be something that I'll do, it's just that right now I'm digging the video still shot idea.

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