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I win a contest and clean my deck

First up I won a contest on Miss604 [m604], the blog of fellow Metroblogger Rebbecca.  I only entered for the awesome retro Trevor Linden figure, but the rest of the swag is going to be fairly awesome.  So what all did I win?  I'll let Rebbecca describe it, by copying and pasting from her site.

- A limited edition, not sold in stores, collector, uncut sheet of 2007/2008 Vancouver Giants hockey cards

- A Canucks carabiner, keychain thingy

- Two tickets to this Saturday’s Everett Silvertips

- Two tickets to the BC Rockies vs Canucks Alumni hockey fundraiser game on March 22nd

- A McFarlane, in-package, mint, collector, Trevor Linden action figure

- A coveted Miss604 sticker as seen at Northern Voice or…

- You can also chose a limited edition solid-colour Miss604 sticker

You can watch the tension packed drawing of my name at her site [m604].

Meanwhile I woke up early on Tuesday and spent about two hours cleaning off my deck.  I've never really used my deck because when I moved in it was filthy and I always knew it was going to take the sacrifice of a mop to get it clean.  I had bought the kamakazi mop a few months ago, but it had been hiding in my closet wanting to live.

After the cleaning Lydia came over and we went to get some food and then watch Once on my AppleTV.  I've had the soundtrack for Once for a few months now but the movie is a still worth watching.  It's not quite a romantic flick, but it's certainly sweet-hearted and good natured.

The final thing is that I applied for a job I want to get, and now have an interview (almost) lined up.  Which should be good and exciting.  To make it more exciting I'm planning on bringing a car full of fire ants and emptying them down my shirt's neck five minutes before the interview so that for the entire talk I'm trying not to scratch my arm pits or yell out in pain.

Never say that I do things the easy way.

Thought I was going to get fired today

I smell like your car's air freshener