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The job search shuffle

Driving home

Isaac one of the company's corporate sales representatives stopped by the store today and asked if I was having any luck with the job search. I suppose one of the side effects of blogging about the job search is that it's not exactly a secret that I'm wanting to find other work. The trouble is that I'm actually trying to be sort of picky, which means that I'm not just applying to every job that comes along but rather better jobs. Jobs that I could see myself making a career out of, basing a life around. Jobs that I'd be proud of admitting having to when meeting new people, rather than having to do a grimace and head-bob move that I've been using the last few years.

"Yes I know I'm nearly 30 and working the same job I had when I was just out of high school," the move suggests, apologizing on my behalf, "I wish it were more interesting but we can't all do something nebulous and call it being a consultant."

Still even though I'm being selective the lack of any progress is getting depressing. The furthest that I've progressed is a group interview with Flight Centre, a job that in the long run I'm glad that I did not get anyway since it would have largely been more of the same thing that I'm doing. Meanwhile I've applied for reporting jobs, editing jobs and human shield work that I feel that I'm qualified for and yet there's not been a nibble.

My latest iron in the fire is a position as the Entertainment Editor of The Daily Courier in Kelowna, a job that I feel is tailor made for me. A job where I have a foot in the door since I have a weekly column at the paper's arts supplement eVent! magazine [evm]. Yet the posting I found online is gone, and once again despair overtakes me as I see another job slipping away.

Apple, who tried hiring two of my references the first time I applied, have called Sean for a job as a personal shopper but I haven't heard anything. That I told Sean that the Apple Store was opening and that they had job postings up on his site says a lot about how even with good karma on my side I'm not having any success. Perhaps blogging about the job openings on Metroblogging Vancouver, thus alerting most of Vancouver to them, was not a hot idea.

Now I spend my lunch sitting fifty yards from work, having a London Fog and applying for jobs online. The Jeff Gaulin Job Board [jg] has become both a constant friend and enemy as it taunts me with jobs that I want but apparently am destined not to have. I collect newspaper clippings from people who have seen jobs that sound perfect, but they were like that period of my life when I decided that I was going to marry Kitty Pryde from the X-Men [jks] it looked good on paper but was just a dream.

Also side note, isn't it fucking amazing that I got a girlfriend? Let's all give a cheer for Lydia putting up with me and my nerd-self.

Now my lunch is over. I'm posting this and adjusting my tie. If I'm lucky I'll have time to expel my London Fog in the bathroom and return to the sales floor.

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