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Wenger interview from the Guardian's website

There's a really good interview with Arsene Wenger on The Guardian's website right now [fg]. Wenger's the brilliant manager of Arsenal, and probably one of the best working in football right now, if not the best. He's recently signed a new contract at the club, and with a somewhat unsavory Soviet Block Billionaire poking around and gobbling up shares in the club, he seems to be speaking for a lot of people who are worried for the fate of the English game.

Key quote:

Yes, and it's one of the things I'm most proud of. Arsenal has a tradition that I like to respect, but Arsenal also has moral qualities for which I feel responsible and which I defend in my team. Everyone has their values that they pass down to the generations that follow. That's why, when there was the Ashley Cole affair, I wanted someone at Chelsea to explain what their values were. I understand completely that they wanted to nick a player because he is one of the best. But what are their values?

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