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I hit reset on years of iTunes listening

500gig When it comes to music, though sadly not math class, I am a statistics dork.  The fact that iTunes tracks how many times I play a song, when I last listened to it and how I've rated it has been a source of much nerdery in my life for years.  However given the recent death of my hard drive and my need to buy a new one and reformat the old one, I've managed to save my music but not the stats. 

Now I have thousands of songs, and a clean slate.  Gone for example is my early love of The Refreshments [wp] and their song "Banditos", there is no evidence that the lyrics:

"So give you ID card to the border guard
Your alias says you captain john luke picard
Of the united federation of planets
Cause they wont speak english any ways"

caused me a great deal of mirth and then suddenly stopped being listened to around 2003.  There is no longer any sign that I've listened to the orchestral version of U2's "One" that was included as a B-side on the Passengers "Miss Sarajevo" single, more than I've listened to the Auchtung Baby version.  It is gone, all gone.  Only the music itself remains.

So now I've got a 250 gig drive which I think is fixed now that I've reformatted it, and a 500 gig drive.  The 500 gig one is from Seagate (pictured) and is extremely nice looking which is odd for a hard drive.  I've plugged that into my Airport router and am using it as an Air Disk, so I have a large hard drive that I can access anywhere in the apartment via Wi-Fi.  The older one I've plugged back into my iMac and it's once again serving up my iTunes, though I'm going to be more vigilant at backing it up to avoid a scare again.

Meanwhile I'm back to rebuilding years of iTunes ratings, playlists and stats.  But maybe this is a good thing, allowing me to hide a few musical black marks on my record.  Now Lydia will never know just how often I listen to James Blunt's "You're Beautiful", and neither will you.


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