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By the bright lights in some ICU // Even the planless have a plan


Thankfully once again it's looking like I'm going to be hitting all of my sales quotas for the month.  Though it still means that I'll make half of what I used to back before the buyout, it's at least a good financial foundation.  Especially since I'm still in the job hunt mode, and trying to sort out school. 

How oddly fucked up is my schooling situation?  Well currently I am registered at both the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University, though I have not yet registered for any classes.  I'm hoping that I'll be able to clear up my OUC > UBC-O status in the next week and get everything sorted out in regards to getting my BA after ten years.  If I go to SFU I'll lose nearly two years worth of course credits, so I'm trying to avoid doing that while also avoiding moving back to Kelowna.

Looking for a job I've been a bit less proactive than I had been, since I was putting most of my energy into aiming for a job with Bioware in Edmonton.  Now I'm waiting to hear from Bioware, but I've also got to finish up a resume for eBay in Vancouver and then follow up on other job leads.  The trouble is getting time to do all of this has not been easy.

Meanwhile my broken hard drive seems to mount fine on the ten year old PCs at work, so there's some slight of hand required to get it to actually work with my iMac.  I might just have to buy a new hard drive and transfer all the music over to that at work.  Oh and I need to find time to get to the comic book store.

I hit reset on years of iTunes listening

I'm so tired that my hard drive died