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We arrive in Madrid

Just a short post while I search Google maps for Camper outlet stores in Madrid. We´re here, checked into our hotel and for the next six nights we´re touring Madrid. We´re near the Opera Metro Station, which sort of puts us nearly right smack dab in the middle of all the action.

Nowhere near a Camper outlet store sadly. Or Real Madrid, but we´ll come to that later.

The train ride was nice, relaxing again and we both caught some sleep. Which was good since we were up at a quarter after five to make the train in the first place, which left us a little tired. Right now Lydia is back in the hotel room either sleeping or reading. I left her there when I went to a) check out a comic book store we passed and b) try to internet it up to find the Camper outlets and Real Madrid tickets.

Madrid are playing tomorrow, but their website isn´t giving away any clues on how to buy tickets. So we´ll see.

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