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Shopping day

  Saks Fifth Avenue :: San Francisco 
  Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

Yesterday was shopping day, so there's not a lot to say about that.  The shops were generally upscale and beyond my current price range.  Neal bought a pair of sunglasses and my mother bought a purse.  We ate at the best food court ever and then returned to shopping.

After awhile I went out on my own and found the Apple Store.  I sat in their auditorium for awhile watching a demonstration of how to make a podcast with GarageBand that got me interested into doing podcasts again.  Then headed back up to the hotel and had a nap.

As you can tell I'm an exciting traveler.  Right now Neal and I are watching a show about creepy spoiled underage Mormon children getting married.  We're leaving soon to catch the cruise ship that will take us back to Vancouver.

Good bye Vancouver, you were too beautiful for this world

We took a cable car