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I totally Facebooked the hell out of it

I wrote an article today about Facebook etiquette and how I'm going about deciding who I add as my Facebook friend. I rejected two people today as my friend on the sole basis that anyone could be my friend if I would go out for a beer with them in the event that they randomly telephoned me and asked me to meet them at the corner pub.

Chad gets in my Facebook friend list because I have frequented many a corner pub, The Pheasant and Quail for instance, with Barclay. I don't have to have gone drinking with a person for them to get into my friends list, I just have to be able to picture myself doing so.

It is, I suppose, all about beer. Which is why I'm having my Facebook sponsored by Labatt Blue, which explains the picture of non-Facebook user Nathan pulling his signature modeling move Blue Steel over there at the side.

I hate Apple's webmail

Printers suck