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Facebook cynical

Chad's Face

Message I left on Chad's Facebook page [fb] but then later deleted least I tar him with my cynical attack on high school:

Dear person that I did not speak to in high school, nor have talked to or thought of since.  My computer tubes Facebook machine tells me that you are were a fellow graduate of OKM in 1997.  I would like the oppertunity to meet with you at some social function, perhaps a high school reunion, so that I could confirm this for myself.  Do not worry, now that I do not have to worry so much about being popular with the right type of people I may very likely speak with you.

I mean even someone like Tom Hanks had to have talked with Tom Sizemore during the filming of Saving Private Ryan even though they are not the same class of person.  However an ability to commune with common man is one of the many traits that I share with highly successful people such as Mr. Hanks.  Male pattern baldness is another.

Since my liver was removed, following my hybrid versus tree traffic collision, I have been interested in reconnecting with the little people who've done so much to add background colour to my life.  You've been like extras in the blockbuster of my life and at the very least I should let you hang out at the craft services table that is my company.

Counting down the hours

I hate Apple's webmail