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My years are slipping away

  Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

Playing around with Facebook [fb] meant having to input in the years that I did some things.  For example what years was I at Okanagan University College?  I know I graduated OKM in 1997, so I would have started OUC that year as well.  But after that I lose track of things.

I joined the Phoenix, but then what?  When I did I get involved with the Canadian University Press?  When did I join up with Campus Plus, taking over from Mason Wright, and when did I give up the post?  When was Winnipeg, and when was Newfoundland?  When was the David Hayes / Mike Ault years at the paper and when were the Jeffery Simpson / Todd Leskie years? 

Facebook seems really cool, and so far today I'm addicted to it.  I've just been fucking about with it while watching the Canucks game since I got home from work.  How long it'll keep my interest I'm not sure but so far I've connected with some people I have not talked to in way too long.

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