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It's been that kind of day(s)

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I had my first non-hit-in-the-nose-with-a-baseball nose bleed the other day. I'm not sure what caused it, which adds to the excitment of the event, I simply felt like my nose was starting to run and when I put some toliet paper to it to clean it up I noticed that my snot was red. Hurray.

Right now, in I assume unrelated event, I've got the sort of headache that would drive a lesser man sterile. I am not a lesser man though, I am exactly equal to myself and so I remain quite un-sterile. Well actually I'm not sure about that, but the good news is that my nose is not bleeding. I need a day of bed rest and long hot baths and a break from my day job of moving cellular phones and my night job of fighting dragons.

You never give me the thanks that I deserve. Look at your maps and globes and your Google Earths and you'll see that all the places that do not say "Here There Be Dragons" are thanks to me.

Terrible video, pretty good concert: Modest Mouse in Vancouver

I am seriously thirsty