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Xbox 360 update death

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Originally uploaded by Rune T.

My Xbox 360 died nearly 3 weeks ago. I was trying to play FIFA when it wanted to install a software update from Microsoft. This happens periodically if your 360 is connected to the internet so I didn't think anything of accepting the update that was verified from Microsoft.

Sadly I should have distrusted MS as much in the console market as I've come to distrust them in th operating system space. Upon restarting after the update my Xbox died a horrible death and now refuses to do anything other than display two red lights on the front of the machine.

I called Microsoft right away and they promised to send me out a box which would arrive in about nine days that I would use to send the machine in to them. That was three weeks ago. Today I phoned them and they told me they were waiting for me to send it back myself, which was a mistake. To their credit they've once again promised to send a box out to me.

Meanwhile I've found the problem seems incredibly widespread. Didier at work had the same thing happen to him and it's become quite common [wp].

Microsoft, sigh. Even when you make something as beautiful as the 360 you have to fuck it up somehow don't you?

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