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Cooking, a photo essay

I thought I'd start cooking more at home to help save money [jks].  I mean eating out for two meals a day can not be the most economical way of living.  Nor the healthiest, so after a trip to Safeway I whipped this up yesterday.


Step 1, boil some water and add a third of a four dollar box of pasta. At the same time, or if you only have two hands, open a can of $2 tomato sauce and begin to warm over low heat on the stove.


Step 2, add the beef loins that cost $3.75 to the sauce (after cooking the beef properly). Then add that to the now strained pasta.  Mix.


Step 3, plate and then eat while watching My Name Is Earl.  Place the rest in tupperware for lunch and stick that in the fridge. 

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