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Where the heck is IKEA


IKEA was supposed to deliver a bunch of stuff to my place today, before 1 pm. I guess it's still before 1, but I was hoping that they'd do it before I went to work. Now I've got to be out the door and on my feet in the next half an hour and they're nowhere to be seen. Which leads me to think I should have waited until next Tuesday when I had a day off so they could deliver it then.

Anytime between 9 am and 1 pm, what a randomly broad spectrum of hours.

Update: Some how the clerk at IKEA managed to fill out half the form for delivery today and half the form for delivery tomorrow. After a brief discussion where IKEA suggested that I drive back to Coquitlam and pay another delivery fee I hung up and called back two hours later, and ideally they'll be delivering the stuff after I get home from work tomorrow.

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