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Maybe I have polio

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Or maybe not, but today is day four of my illness and the fourth day in a row I've stayed home from work.  Today has been spent both sleeping and watching the first two Superman movies.  Those two activities have been mixed together, because I've been drifiting off during the Superman films and imagining that it's in fact Kyrptonite that's sapping me of my ability to talk.  Now if only I could fly around the earth fast enough to reverse time back to a day when I was not sick.

Actually the talking is not that bad at this point, it's the spitting up (yes like a baby) that's induced by the coughing that follows trying to talk and then an odd set of dry heaves about forty minutes ago.

This is making making the TV on the Radio show tonight with Lydia seem unlikely.  Which sucks because Delme's in town for it and it'll be my only chance to see him before he escapes back to Kelowna after his long exile in Japan.

I've got maybe two hours before I have to make a hard decision whether or not the rest of my day is going to be spent in my bed or at a rock and roll show.  If Lydia and Delme weren't expecting me to be there it would be no contest, but I feel guilty letting them down.  Especially Lydia who is going mainly because I talked her into it because Delme was going.

So my peoples lend me your dimes, and together we can beat this sickness that's wracking my body.

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