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Disneyland and the Atkins diet: or how I did one post on two seperate topics

Thanks to an opening on the company's trip to Disneyland that came up I'm going to be getting to go to the "Happiest Place on Earth"(tm) for a few days in March.  It's a quick trip so I'll be gone from March the 2nd for awhile. 

It should be good, I haven't been back either to LA [bla] or Disneyland since the grade eleven band trip back in 1996, so Disneyland should have a decade of new-awesomicity to provide.  Hopefully I won't get lost while trying to find a McDonald's again, because this time I won't have Karen Wilson [kc] to protect me.

Meanwhile in poor transition between topics news I've started back on the Atkins diet.  Hopefully I won't be doing too much boring diet blogging here, but having it recorded online helps me stay faithful to my burgers, cheese, bacon and diet sodas.

I just found I was getting too fat again, and that the slimmer jeans and pants that I had bought after my last Atkins go around were starting to get uncomfortable and tight.  Besides I was being really indulgent as of late, having one or two large white chocolate hot chocolates a day from Starbucks.

Bad bad Jeffery.

I own a couch

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