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The one where I talk about tricuspid atresia

Because of my complete and utter love affair with the morbid since turning 28 last month [jks], I decided to look up my heart condition on Wikipedia. Was it there? Oh yes, though not in the detail I would have hoped for. It barely dropped any knowledge on me [wp]:

Tricuspid atresia is a form of congenital heart disease whereby there is a complete absence of the tricuspid valve. Therefore, there is an absence of right atrioventricular connection. This leads to a hypoplastic or an absence of the right ventricle. Because of the lack of an A-V connection, an atrial septal defect (ASD) must be present to maintain blood flow. Also, since there is a lack of a right ventricle there must be a way to pump blood into the pulmonary arteries, and this is accomplished by a ventricular septal defect (VSD). Blood is mixed in the left atrium. Because the only way the pulmonary circulation receives blood is through the VSD, a patent ductus arteriosus is usually also formed to increase pulmonary flow.

Which was pretty much what I knew with fancier words. A Google search turns up some more informative sites, though not as much as "erectile dysfunction" which is the money pot of Google search results. But back to tricuspid atresia, and away from things that Bob Dole sells (like Pepsi and erections). There was also a sweet, in the non-Napolean Dynamite sense of the word, site by the parents of a kid who has tricuspid atresia [ta]. They actually registered tricuspidatresia.com.

Then I Googled "Beardies" and found this [bn]. Which is a wonderful joke that only one person aside from me will get.

But it got me thinking how much better it must be to have a sick kid in the age of the internet, or with phrases like "Depending on the degree of obstruction and associated anomalies, tricuspid atresia may be lethal at birth. Without repair, the patient rarely survives to adulthood." floating around the internet, way more scary.  But at least there would have been ways to get information aside from the doctors, though the doctors always seemed good and obviously were since I'm still around.

Back in grade school I used my condition as a topic for a public speaking contest, which I believe I came first or second in for the grade.  I wonder whose idea that was, I can't remember, but it was a good way to win because whose not going to vote for a kid whose speech is basically, "... and then I had heart surgery where they cut my chest open and..."  I actually feel sort of dumb for having done it, since these days I rarely discuss it or even think about it.  (I searched my blog and in nearly three years I haven't used the word "heart" once before this post).  Which isn't always a good thing, since I'm out of shape and that's not good for anyone but more so me.

There we go.  Now that that's blogged about hopefully we can not mention it again for another three years, and hopefully my fear of death will go away soon.  Because it's no fun to live this morbid of a life.  I've got other things to blog about, like putting windows on my Macbook last night.  I mean I put Windows on my Mac, how strange is that?

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