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To Seattle and the end of newspapers

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Tomorrow Lydia and I are going to go to Seattle. I haven't alerted Jeffrey Weston yet, which I should do as soon as I blog this. The plot is that we're going to stay at a hostel because Lydia can get us a discount because she works at the one in Vancouver. What we're going to do there I'm not sure, though she wants to go to a store called Trader Joe's.

I'll probably make my way to the Apple Store. I like the Apple Store even if I'm short on cash and probably shouldn't go in there because it'll bankrupt me. Still those red iPod nanos are so very cool. I want a new iPod, oh do I ever.

The next week I'm planning on going to Kelowna. I need to hit up The Kelowna Daily Courier [kdc] for money and I like to do my begging in person. I should also start trying to drum up some ideas for articles because I haven't written a feature in quite some time.

This week I had to write two articles because they wouldn't run my first. I'll admit I shouldn't have been surprised that a newspaper wouldn't run an article where I claimed that newspapers would be obsolute in ten years and only a few would be able to survive the loss of readers that the internet is creating, but there you go I'm naive.

All in all it was more about the industry and my only comments about the DC was that they shouldn't keep their columnists and all their premier content hidden inside the paper and they should add it to their website. Oh, I also said they should add RSS feeds to their site. With the Kelowna website Castanet.net [cn] doing a really good job of news and having that premier content like columnists it's hard to see why The Courier wouldn't want to compete in the online space.

The real problem of course is that they get their money both from ads and subscriptions. If they offer too much online then they lose their subscription business. The fact is though that aside from the specific Kelowna columnists and local news there is nothing in the paper that you can't get off of the internet. With Castanet doing local news, why would you buy the paper?

The A&E supplement that I write for called eVent! [ep] puts my column online, and after a bit so do I [teotw], so it's not like it's unheard of around the newsroom. Still apparently I was a bit too radical, so I had to send in another article.

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