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If Bush was that close to God he'd have had an arc ready

People are finally getting angry at George W. Bush, though it's not over the thousands of American troops that have died in Iraq, or the tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians who have died since the start of the war.  Nope, they're angry at his lack of swiftness in getting help to the thousands of people stranded in New Orleans and across the eastern seaboard. 

Now granted when he wanted to save a woman in a vegitative state he was able to recall Congress to pass legislation in the middle of the night, but to save people drowning he stuck around his holiday home in Crawford Texas for days.  If only more of them had been symbolic examples for the right to life side maybe we would have seen more leadership.

Though let's be honest, it's no good getting mad at Bush now.  He's been a fuckwit since he was first elected, and the American people decided they wanted him around so now they've got to lump it.  If the fact that his lies had cost the lives of American troops had not been enough reason to give him the heave-ho after 4 years, then there's nothing to complain about now that he's just sticking with par-for-the-course.

Again I apologize for not updating much lately, I've been busy working.  I tend to work 1 pm - 9 pm and I never feel like blogging in the morning and at night I'm at work and busy.  By the time I Skytrain and walk home after work it's about 10 at night and I basically only have enough energy to eat and veg out in front of the television.

Now I'm doing a thirty minute count-down until work is over and I get to go home.  I'll have the next two days off to relax.

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