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I start work at 9 am and my head feels like a hole

I started work at 9 am today, an hour before the store opened.  Luckily I had some work to catch up on or else I would have been bored and useless for an hour, which I guess I was anyway.  Now I'm getting hungry, because my body clock is set to begin work at 1 pm, so I'm going to be wanting food soon since my body thinks it's really 3 pm.

The reason I started so early was that tonight Ryan, Neal, Neal's girlfriend MC and myself are going to see the Nine Inch Nails concert in Vancouver.  I'll have some pictures if I can remember to charge my Canon Elph tonight.  Sadly since I don't think our seats are that close and the Elph isn't a great camera for zooming the shots will probably look a little like my U2 concert pics from this summer.

I'm trying to get a photo pass to the Matthew Good show at the Commodore in Vancouver, which would mean I could take in a good camera and get some decent pictures.

There's nothing left to do aside from leave a note that says, "Cat dead, details later."

Nine Inch Nails - Live in Vancouver ("Closer")

Vancouver at night