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In a coma

I would definitly recomend all those who are looking to pick up a CD to rush out and get Matthew Good's new best of record In A Coma.  I just got it from iTunes and I've got a physical copy coming from Amazon.ca later.  The iTunes copy comes with the best of disc, a collection of acoustic versions of his songs, some bonus tracks and a video for "Load Me Up" one of his big '90s hits.

So far highlights include the acoustic versions of "Generation X-Wing" and "North American For Life" both songs that don't really lend themselves to obvious acoustic styling. 

The physical package includes a DVD with a ton of music videos with optional commentary tracks with Matthew Good and director Bill Morrison as well as most of the aformentioned musical goodies save for one bonus track which was only availble for those who pre-ordered through iTunes.

Also hot is the inclusion of Lo-Fi B-Sides a bonus disc of songs that was released around the time of Underdogs, and sold as a delux package through HMV.  I have one of the few copies of the original disc and for all those who've been trying to get their hands on one for years, now is your chance.

Arms dealers need not apply

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