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Arms dealers need not apply

Being that today was the start of my weekend there was nothing for me to do other than try with no luck to sleep in and then go to my apointment at the dating service thing I was talking about earlier.  My apointment was at two and despite doing a good job of not being able to find the office building that they were located in I actually made it on time.

So I've tried speed dating for an article for the Phoenix, and I've tried Lavalife for my own personal amusment/humilation, but I have never really gone too deep into the dating industry.  I don't read personal ads in the newspaper (are they even still in the newspaper or is that something just from movies and TV?), I don't hang out in bars hoping to pick up girls and so forth.  Really I could as well be a eunich and other than having less to wash in the shower every morning my life would not substantially change.

That's why I figured I'd at least see what this service was about.

Their office was on the sixth floor of a downtown office building, and with no signage on any off the doors could have been mistaken for a lawyer's office.  The first half an hour was spent talking to a sales person and the company's President.  They explained the general idea of the company's service, basically they take a profile of what I want and then go out and look for girls who fit that and then set up dates for me, and asked me general questions. 

As a dating service aimed at executives they were somewhat concerned with what sort of career asparitions I wanted in a girl.  This I think was sort of code for whether I was looking for a girlfriend who would want to be a homemaker as opposed to having her own career.  I said that as long as they weren't international arms dealers or something I didn't really did not have any preference.

The next step in their process would have been a personality profile and then they'd take a video of me and have me do a questionaire.  However before that stage was the me paying for the serivce stage.  The price for their service ranged from $1,500 for six months to $10,000 for a lifetime membership (which sounds sort of depressing, to be spending the rest of your life being set up on dates by a service).  While the service sounded interesting, $1,500 is... a lot of money, especially for something that most people seem to manage on their own for free. 

When I started hesitating on the price they showed me examples of the profiles of women they had in their files, one was a picture of a cute blonde girl and the other was a video of a dark haired girl telling a story about being in Whistler (I think).

I'm still debating it, though I'm leaning on the side of not spending $1,500.  On one hand if you said to me that I'd spend $1,500 and meet and win the girl of my dreams within the next six months then I totally would not think twice about spending the money.  However at the end of the day I've done dating before and I'm not positive that spending a bit of money is going to solve any of my problems.

Still it's not like I'm having any success on my own.

After the meeting I walked to the Paramount and watched Lord of War, a movie with Nicholas Cage playing the role of an international arms dealer.  Which sort of brought everything full circle I suppose.  Now I'm just waiting for Aaron to call and then my evening will begin.

Tomorrow new comics are released.  Tomorrow is another day single.

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