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Metroblogging / Jann Arden

MeI've applied to be a writer at Metroblogging, which is a collection of sites about major cities.  Each city has ten or more bloggers who write about life and events in the city and right now they're still looking for more writers before they launch the Vancouver site.  So if you live in Vancouver and like blogging and would be able to post a few times a week then check out their site and sign up.

It's a non-paying gig but you know it gets your words onto the internet, which is your goal right?  Wil Wheaton writes for their LA site.


I've got to change my interview with Jann Arden into article form by tomorrow as well as do another column for eVent! magazine.  Plus I have that appointment with the dating professionals at that dating service I mentioned.  I probably won't actually end up paying them several hundred dollars a month to find me some honey, but it'll be an interesting experiance to go and be evaluated and take a personality test. 

It's like scientology except with a slightly different smell of desperation.

Edit:  Holy shit my grammer sucked this morning.  I've had to edit this four times for totally stupid little mistakes.

Arsenal vs Everton

Pretty much what I expected