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Pretty much what I expected

I went with Neal and his girlfriend MC to a show tonight at a place that I believe was called the Butch House. Now calling it Slaughter House 5 would have been one thing, but I don't particularly know where that name came from, unless it came from deep within my own imagination. Name aside the gig was Neal's old band mate Jack's band (now former band apparently) the Primes which consisted of Jack and this girl on an iBook.

I missed most of the show because I needed to go across the street to get some food, but I caught their last song which was angry industrial and possibly German. The next band, whose name I didn't catch, was basically a guy in a pirate shirt and a girl who was dressed like she had bought a four year old girl's Halloween little indian princess costume. I mean we're not talking anything near authentic First Nations clothing, we're talking about what the lady indians wore in John Wayne movies but bright blue.

Anyway it was mainly a drum machine with the guy in a pirate shirt jumping around playing the tambourine and screaming into the mic. The crowd was fairly small and frankly it was pretty much the identical crowd from the few shows I went to in Kelowna. You had your totally unwashed hippy types mingling with your snobby indie kids and a few art school types in expensive thrift store threads. I felt vaguely defeated because even if it's not my scene it's sort of depressing to know Vancouver isn't exactly any more awesome than Kelowna when it comes to this sort of thing.

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